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What Do I Do?

I am a web designer and developer. I specialise in making tailor-made websites based on the needs of my clients in accessing the right online audience.

What I Can I Offer To You and Your Business?

  • Tailor-made website design.
  • An experienced web designer and developer who also has a strong background in business and business management to ensure I can provide business insight for companies to best promote their brand and products online.
  • Hand coded sites to ensure the site is as close to your specification.
  • Fast and professional customer service to ensure the best possible experience.
  • Fast and dynamic websites that respond to the device the client or customer is viewing them on for the biggest online impact.
  • Utilisation of content management systems (WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to name but a few) to ensure websites can be amended and added to by the client.
  • Search Engine Optimisation to allow your site to become visible to the people you wish to find the most.

How I Work

Although every project is different I do like to offer a clear and consistent process to ensure every client is clear on the level of service they will be receiving.

Requirements and Pricing – Initially I like to do a lot of listening to get a clear understanding of the task ahead and to be sure that I am providing the right service that the client wants. Once it is clear that we are on the same page then I can put together a quote and then we can decide if its right to move the project forward.

Research and Design – Once the project gets the all clear the next step is to do some serious research into the clients business, the competition and any other areas connected. This ensures I have the clearest picture of how to pitch the site to maximise its effectiveness. Once the background work is in place it is time to put some designs together so the client can begin to visualise how the site will look and feel on both desktop and mobile.

The Build – Once the design has been refined through rounds of feedback then its on with the build. Communication is key here to ensure the client is kept fully up to speed with pre-determined deadlines to ensure the timescales are in line with what the client wants and what is possible to ensure the site is at the level I expect.

Testing and Finishing Touches – Once the site is completed it will be rigorously tested on a range of browsers and devices to ensure everything is fully compatible and the site works as the client would expect it to.

Aftercare – As a minimum I offer one months aftercare inclusive on all projects to ensure any issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively. This can also include any relevant training on using elements such as content management systems so the client can use their new site to add fresh content and keep the current content up to date.

The Cost

Cost will vary on the size and scale of the project, however, for a basic responsive website built using wordpress as a content management system you would be looking at around £750 as a complete price. This would have up to 5 pages of content and a number of interactive elements such as contact forms and slideshow galleries. As you begin to add additional functionality to the site (e-commerce or sites with logins and user areas) this will increase the project size and therefore the price. For a clearer picture just ask and I can provide a free quote.

Who I Work With

I work with small-to-medium businesses and individuals who are looking for the unique skill set I can offer. I am also open to working as part of a larger team on bigger projects where my skills can compliment the rest of the team.

What I Won’t Do

Whilst there is very little in web development that I cannot assist with, areas such as graphic design and app development are not something I currently offer as part of the business. I do, however, have links in many other areas of graphic and web/app development so if I am unable to offer the level of service I expect, I will know someone who can.